Eurobarometer 2020 on ‘Attitudes of Europeans to tobacco & electronic cigarettes’ shows that harm reduction is needed

The Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan published by the European Commission on 3rd February 2021 was accompanied by the Eurobarometer study on attitudes of Europeans to tobacco and electronic cigarettes. The Eurobarometer aims to present the views of European citizens on topics such as tobacco consumption and use of alternative tobacco products such as e-cigarettes. The findings of this Eurobarometer will be used by the European decision-makers to help them make informed policy decisions in the near future. Whereas the findings of the Eurobarometer clearly point out that European smokers have vastly used alternative tobacco products to effectively quit or reduce smoking, hence proving that the approach of harm reduction is effective, the European Commission completely disregards the approach and scientific evidence behind it and does not recognize the importance of it in the EU Cancer Plan.

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